Photoshop Scripts


What was done:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Photoshop

Project description:

Have you ever had to improve a huge amount of images, according to one scheme? To avoid monotony I proposes to use Photoshop scripts.

How it works:

1) Choose folder with borders-magnifying glass files. ( USER ACTION ) -this folder has to contain 2 files, top and bottom of borders. ( in alphabetical order)
2) Choose folder with files to convert. ( USER ACTION ) ( NOW ALL ACTIONS IS AUTOMATIC)
3) Check folder and subfolders for file which contains "PPC-HIGH.gif" in names (it works only with GIF's)
4) if this file hes "equ" in name CLOSE IT ( don't make thumbnails for this file).
5) if this file has smaller width than 300px CLOSE IT ( don't make thumbnails for this file).
6)if it fit ( width >300px , has good name) ADD BORDERS and save with new name ( replaced -PPC-HIGH.gif on-thumb.gif)
7) if this new file has height smaller then 45px, DON'T CLOSE it - check it manualy, at the end. (USER ACTION)

Download this script: